Black is King: The Enduring Mystery of Beyoncé

If you lived on planet earth the week of July 31, chances are, you knew Black is King had landed. The critical response has been unanimous raves. It’s already the most highly rated Disney + program in the platform’s short history. However, given the scale and vision of the project and the exposure it’s received, the cultural response has been notably quiet. Black is King should have very noisily shaken the zeitgeist and it’s worth examining why it hasn’t. Continue reading Black is King: The Enduring Mystery of Beyoncé

The Masked Singer

The night the Robot contestant twerked through Daryl Braithwaite’s hit “Horses” was marketing genius. The fact everyone knew Cody Simpson’s uber-gymned bum was behind it before the song even ended was neither here nor there. That night, both artists sold records and deserved to. This is what variety shows used to do by default and reality tv has been a poor cultural substitute. Continue reading The Masked Singer

Mental Health in Lockdown

The usual tools to connect with society at large, especially within the Queer Community, are missing right now. They’re not going to suddenly return exactly as they were. Some of them will take generations to repair, if the time, the money, and the passion can even be found to repair them at all. We need to admit this to ourselves and to each other and start having a long and loud discussion about it if we’re going to maintain our mental health. Continue reading Mental Health in Lockdown