Andrews vs. Credlin

Journalism Reporting and Writing in Class assessment

Image: Daily Mail

Peta Credlin has been slammed for poor journalistic conduct in a press conference with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

Local media identity and education expert Eileen Berry says Ms Credlin’s questions at a press conference with Mr Andrews in 2020 overwhelmed her own story.

“Peta Credlin rocked up and then she became the news story and not Dan Andrews,” said Ms Berry.

The Sky News host and political analyst sparred with Mr Andrews in two press conferences at the height of Melbourne’s second lockdown.

Ms Credlin asked a series of questions about the state’s hotel quarantine program and subsequent investigation as part of a heavily promoted segment of her Sky News show.

But Ms Credlin’s attendance received mixed reviews.

Dennis Muller at The Age says Ms Credlin is “clearly not” a journalist, while says she “grilled” Mr Andrews in a “tense exchange”.

Ms Berry says no journalistic question is out of bounds “so long as it’s asked respectfully”.

However, the media veteran also cautioned contemporary journalists needed to be mindful in a press conference of how many broadcasters carry live feeds.

“Sometimes the question you ask might be [juicier than] the non-answer you get back from a Minister.”