PM John Brown’s govt in the thick of it

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Image: BBC Two

Conservative Prime Minister John Brown’s government is in jeopardy with a member of the junior coalition party in talks to jump ship.

Testimony in the Goolding inquiry today revealed Junior Minister for the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship Fergus Williams has held private discussions with Opposition Leader Dan Millar about defecting.

While Mr Williams called the discussions “general” and “noncommittal”, opposition Media Adviser Malcolm Tucker says they are aimed at “talking about possibly setting up a [new] coalition”.

The Goolding inquiry was diverted by the arrival of Mr Tucker who skirted questions about his involvement in parliament’s leak culture before himself leaking the news of the possible powerplay.

Mr Williams would not confirm he was in talks to topple the current government but did caution the inquiry members they were “being spun” by Mr Tucker who he called “the chief medical officer of spin”.

Speculation has been rife in Westminster independent MP’s are courting the Opposition Leader to form a new coalition government.

The Goolding inquiry was established to investigate possible government involvement in the death of National Health Services housing campaigner Douglas Tickell.

Mr Tickell committed suicide following the illegal release of his confidential medical records and NHS number to the media from an unknown political source.