Melbourne takes the lockdown crown

Image: Sky News Australia

Melbourne looks set to emerge from the global pandemic the most frequently locked down city on earth.

With it’s sixth lockdown announced on August 4, Melbourne broke it’s tied status with Brisbane as the world’s most frequently locked down metropolitan area.

Both cities had been locked down five times, Brisbane for 67 days, while Melbourne will reach 208 days following today’s announcement of an extension.

Auckland ranks third with four lockdowns so far, but the Kiwi city has only endured 114 locked down days.

A comparison of current data of Australia and New Zealand’s 10 most locked down regions and cities shows the grim reality of Melbourne’s ongoing isolation.

Melbourne comes second globally to Buenos Ares for the most number of days a metropolitan area has spent isolated from its nation in lockdown.

Buenos Ares locked down for a staggering 234 days from March to November in 2020, with a brief eight day circuit breaker its only follow up in May this year.

Germany (218 days), Ireland (227 days), England (322 days) and Wales (345 days) have had longer overall lockdown periods than Melbourne across national or statewide jurisdictions.

Each area had different COVID restrictions while none of the countries have had more than three lockdowns so far.

Australia currently ranks 30th on the Oxford University COVID Government response stringency index.

Argentina ranks 16th, Germany ranks 31st, Ireland 109th and the United Kingdom 123rd.

Melbourne and Buenos Ares remain the only two cities on earth whose lockdown statistics rival entire nations and states. With further lockdowns ahead, Melbourne may yet surpass Buenos Ares as the city most isolated fom its own nation during the COVID pandemic.

Melbourne is also the only Australian city to impose a curfew as part of COVID restrictions.

The 57 night curfew from August 2 to September 28 remains the longest peacetime curfew in Australian history.

Melbourne’s sixth lockdown was extended for a further week on Wednesday morning as the city announced 20 new community cases, with 14 quarantined through their infectious period.

The advice of medical experts to the national cabinet has revealed Australia will continue to face ongoing snap lockdowns until at least 80 per cent of the adult population is vaccinated.

Despite the ongoing lockdowns, Melbourne tied with Geneva, Switzerland as the worlds eighth most liveable city in 2021.

Geneva has locked down twice for a period of 83 days since the pandemic began, coming out of its second lockdown on March 1 this year.