O20190708_162608nce upon a time there was a Polish-Irish Queenslander.

By age five he was a natural born storyteller and a die hard Streisand fan. The writing was on the wall.

At twelve, they gave him a typewriter and from that point on, life was defined by the sound of its bell. He has not stopped writing since.

He grew up and moved to Sydney where he started to blog about theatre. But you don’t love art in Australia for too long without eventually being drawn to Melbourne.

Armed with an obsession for Judy Garland live at Festival Hall, the mania of a blue collar workaholic and a need for caffeine, he made Footscray his home and Essendon his team (#DontheSash).

He now spends his time mistifying locals with acapella Bette Midler covers, studying Commuications at RMIT and writing about Queer issues, artistry, post-market economics, foreign policy and many other far less interesting things.

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